Kollaborate Designs Blog - Every Design Has a Story

  • "Takamatsu" Tote Bag and Sketch

    This bag is a design of A sketch that I did while visiting an amazing Museum called....
  • The "Iris" and the "Iris" Leggings

    Learn how one of my favourite flowers holds special memories for me and inspired the vibrant pattern on the Iris leggings.
  • "Fish Eye" and "Fish Eye" leggings

    "Nature is a great designer!" Learn how the vibrant colours in my aquarium photograph inspired these colourful Fish Eye leggings!

  • "Flower Pots" Art and "Flower Pot Leggings"

    Learn how my sketch of a flower pot sitting on an apartment balcony in Cadiz, Spain inspired these colourful Flower Pot Leggings!
  • "Flower Power" and "Flower Power Leggings"

    Learn how the beautiful yellow iris flowers near my home inspired the vibrant floral pattern on these leggings!
  • "The Heron" and the "Heron Tote Bag"

    Learn how I captured the gawky awkwardness and elegance of Herons in my original painting "The Heron", and how it's now proudly displayed on the Heron Tote Bag.