"Flower Power" and "Flower Power Leggings"

"Flower Power" Leggings

I am drawn to nature and the way shapes and colours and shadows make such amazing scenes.

People who know me, say they have no idea what I am taking pictures of, as I am just a "point and shoot" kind of photographer. I like the idea of taking random images that appeal to me as I see things. I don't study the pictures at the time, so when I go home and look at them, I am often amazed at what I captured. Remember the days of film? You had to wait a week or so to see what you actually tried to photograph. I kind of like that element of surprise, although there are some not so happy accidents in not looking and adjusting at the time as well.

These yellow irises were in a lovely park near my home. I was lucky enough to get the dark background which really emphasizes the detail of the flower itself.

The yellow Iris is a perennial with lovely lush flowers, and it loves watery environments, so it is at home in British Columbia.

It can be invasive, but I found this lovely bunch of flowers close to it’s cousin the Purple Iris.

I just love the lushness, and the contrast of the flower and the plant itself.

I am not a gardener, but I really appreciate people who are. Flowers brighten our lives. Again, this flower worked well on the leggings. I have lots of pictures of flowers, so I plan to develop a whole line of leggings from my photos.

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