"The Heron" and the "Heron Tote Bag"

 "The Heron" Tote Bag Design

Herons are such fun. They are gawky, and quite awkward, but there is something elegant about them at the same time.

Those skinny legs do not look as if they can support the body and they look as though they walk on those stilts. That long neck is perfectly designed for picking up dinner when they spot it in the water.

There is an estuary near my home, and  I stood and watched this heron for a while. They seem to stand still for so long, however, he/she very slowly, so I took lots of photos.  I did the sketch when I got home.

Art is from the brain, not the camera, and I love playing with the connection between the two. The camera can be near-perfect; my brain is not. I don't mind my imperfection at all, because it makes the art unique.


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